Casino Tournaments at 7Sultans

Participating in online casino tournaments at 7Sultans is one of the best ways to add a little something extra to your standard game play. For a very low, or even no entrance fee, you will become part of an extended online community, and compete against your fellow players for cash prizes and the hard-to-beat feeling of being No. 1 at your favourite game.

7Sultans has both slots and Blackjack for you to enjoy in this format, and we invite you to start taking part as soon as you can. They’re great fun, pose very little risk, and add an entirely different dimension to your online gambling.

Online Slots Tournaments at 7Sultans

There are 2 formats for online slots tournaments at 7Sultans:

1. Scheduled

These will begin at a specified date and time.

2. Sit & Go

These start as soon as the required number of players has registered to play.

Winning With Online Slots

Slots casino tournaments are very quick, usually lasting for around 15 minutes, and whoever has the most coins by the time they end is the winner. Bear in mind that the coins you have left over won’t count in your favour: it’s use ‘em or lose ‘em. Also, your losing spins won’t count against you, so just keep those reels revolving as much as possible!


Online Blackjack casino tournaments offer you an electrifying way to mix up your Blackjack play. If you’ve selected a multiplayer option, you won’t be competing just against the dealer, as you would do usually, but against the other players taking part as well. For a very low entrance fee you may well walk away with a significant cash prize, and the pride of gaining the top spot on the leaderboard, of course.

Playing Blackjack to Win

If you find yourself in the lead at any point of a Blackjack tournament, your best bet is to wager conservatively in order to lower the risk of your blowing the lead. Conversely, if you’re lagging behind, you should think about betting a little higher in order to gain the ground you’ve lost. You may even want to play slightly more extravagantly than you usually would in order to catch the leader and secure the winning payout.

Blackjack strategy is based on what works in your favour in the long run, but if you’re behind in a competition there’s no long run to consider. You need to go all in and take the risks that might help you gain the top spot.

Playing at 7Sultans

7Sultans makes sure it has a good selection of game options for you to enjoy whenever you pop in, and there’s a wide variety available almost all the time. So sign up for your 7Sultans account, find a tournament that interests you and begins at a time convenient to you, and discover a whole new way to enjoy games you already know and love. You could well be our next champion!


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